Designed for mega pixel camera that is 4.65um/pixel.

Good uniformed coaxial illumination for the F.O.V. by eliminating of the hot spot.

will show the real imaging power in high-end inspection and alignment applications.

SPO have lined up according to W.D and magnification which can support up to 2/3” camera.

There are various magnifications and working distance with low distortion design and high resolution & contrast over the full F.O.V.

HR vs ST brightness comparison according to F/#

Relationship for according to the each factor

F/# D.O.F N.A Resolution Brightness
High Increasing Low Low Low
Low Decreasing High High High

F/# is related to the theoretical resolution and D.O.F & N.A of the lens directly. Thus it have to be keep the optical theory. (See the glossary)

Model Mag W.D
N.A F/# D.O.F
Sensor Size(mm)
(Diagonal Length)
Mount Download
TCL0.165X-130I-HR-8 0.165X 130 28 0.012 6.8 20 0.017 0.15 1/2"(8mm) C PDF CAD
TCL0.23X-130I-HR 0.23X 130 21 0.016 7.2 10.1 0.01 0.13 2/3"(11mm) C PDF CAD
TCL0.3X-130I-HR 0.3X 130 17.7 0.019 7.9 7 0.04 0.08 2/3"(11mm) C PDF CAD
TCL0.35X-130I-HR-8 0.35X 130 14 0.0238 7.3 4.8 0.035 0.08 1/2"(8mm) C PDF CAD